About Coastees

Why Choose Coastees?

Coastees provides a unique interpretation of Cornwall.

Everyplace depicted is hand-drawn by myself. The images are in a sense naïve and quirky but also stylish and classy.

We feel they offer something different from the all too common generic merchandise so often found in Cornwall. 

We are a small, family run enterprise and extremely passionate and proud about the service we provide.

We are aiming to provide for you, local people and tourists alike or as a perfect gift. 

Our garments are top-quality Indian cotton from Continental, recognised by the Fair Wear Foundation, safeguarding ethical trade and justice for workers..

Our Coastees Mission

Having looked around in shops and on the internet I became painfully aware that Cornwall to a certain degree is suffering from an injustice. There is certainly some quality products out and about but I feel the majority does not do Cornwall proud.

I feel that we in Cornwall can certainly do better! I want to give people the opportunity to show off their favourite place by wearing it. Everyone has a spot they know and love best, so why not wear it as a quirky hand-drawn image, screen printed on to a top quality, classy T-shirt?

Lets not stop at T-shirts. Our vision is to move into other products on which to put the images. Even at this early stage we are getting requests for coasters, place mats, mounted prints, tea towels and mugs.

The team at Coastees is keen, driven and above all passionate about where we are and what we do so come on and join us!


Meet Us... A Friendly Bunch!

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